Frequently Asked Questions

Can we conduct our own inspections of the property?

Yes. All Landlords can conduct and inspection of their property. However, due to legislation, you are unable to conduct a ‘surprise’ inspection. All internal inspections require a MINIMUM of 7 days written notice. This inspection must not be conducted on a Sunday, or before 8am or after 6pm on any day. The Property Manager’s must attend the inspection with the owners, unless the TENANT agrees otherwise.


How do you screen your tenant’s?

Before any application is considered, ALL applicants must have fully completed our 4 page Rental Application and provided the appropriate documentation. This includes a current Driver’s License or 18+ Card, Bank Card and Medicare Card, as well as proof of income, bank statements or Utilities bill. We are also a member of the TICA (Tenancy Information Database Australia) which is a national database of tenants that have defaulted in previous rentals (eg, outstanding rent, damages, abandonment). If ANY person is listed on this database, our office will refuse their application for ALL properties.


How do we know that we are achieving the current market rent?

Nine times out of ten, you already have a rental figure you think your property can achieve. Rental figures are based on our current statistics and market values, which we continually assess.


Can rent be increased during a General Tenancy Agreement?

Unfortunately, no. Once a tenancy agreement has been signed you are unable to increase the rent until the end of the current agreement. Due to legislation changes, tenants must be advised of all rental increases a minimum of 60 days prior to the increase taking place.


Do we receive a discount if we have more than 1 investment property?

Of course!! If you have more than 2 investment properties we are happy to discuss a reduced management rate with you.


What happens if I wish to sell my investment property?

If you wish to sell your property Tracey will be happy to discuss any questions regarding prices and the current rental market. If you choose to list your property with another agent, you MUST notify the office. The selling agent and rental agent must inform the tenants of your intention to sell. As a General Tenancy Agreement is a legal binding document, you are unable to ask the tenants to vacate the property unless their tenancy agreement is coming to an end. Should your property sell, the tenancy agreement is continued on, but with the new owner.